Generation NYC User Testing

How might we improve the user experience on Generation NYC, a digital platform for NYC teens and young adults?


  • Assess organizational structure, navigation, and hierarchy

  • Validate user’s understanding of content

  • Explore new features and content that may be desirable to users

Team: Designers (including me), Product Manager, Content Writers, and Developers at NYC Opportunity

Generation NYC Header.png

Discovery Phase 


User Testing Workshop

To explore the goals listed above, I designed and co-facilitated a user testing workshop with 15 young adults and 8 volunteers from the design and product teams. The workshop consisted of activities such as a 1) scavenger hunt to understand how users would find information in given a scenario:

scavenger hunt.png

2) an open card-sort to see how people organize information:


3) and a site walk-through and follow-up discussion:





Retro and Insights Matrix

Afterwards, I led a retro with the team to generate insights for a subsequent design sprint. We identified insights and product enhancements such as:

  • Making the texting feature more prominent since users wanted to stay informed but often missed the CTA at the bottom.

  • Improving the copy for the headlines since users tended to browse quickly and only click on descriptive headlines.

  • Creating more resources for life skills and mental health since users felt like those were typically lacking in school.

We also reviewed how the preparation and facilitation went overall, and discussed how we might improve the process for future user testing workshops!


Thanks for reading!