nach der arbeit x C'H'C'M' Apparel Design

Spring/Summer 2016 - Soccer Jerseys (Home and Away Kits)

I created graphics for this creative collaboration between a small menswear brand (nach der arbeit) and a NYC boutique (C'H'C'M'). This project was a part of a small collection designed to inspire fun and life after work (translated as “nach der arbeit“ in German).


In line with true soccer jersey design, the home kit (blue) is more conservative and includes a subtle nod to the partnership with C’H’C’M’ on the back of the jersey.

In contrast, the away kit (salmon) is much louder with an overt display of the collaboration on the front.


Below is an initial client sketch. The windmill signifies goodwill in Japanese culture, whereas the star signifies a league championship win.


"Sponser" logo


Final crest design